Great Science for Kids

– science education and lesson ideas for kids of all ages –

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were.
But without it we go nowhere." - Carl Sagan

Start Here

·Balsa Wood Flying Models
·Cutaway Aircraft Instruments
·Model Airplane Part Names
·Poor Man’s Wind Tunnel
·Newton Carts and Spacecraft
·Rocket Steam Engine
·Zero Gravity Detector & G-Meter
·Baking Soda Fire Extinguisher
Critical Thinking
·Cartesian Diver Experiment
·Inflate a Balloon with a Vacuum
·Triangle Rollers? Impossible!
·Understanding Strength
·Magnetism and Motors
·’Watts’ Inside the Walls of Your House
Fun & Easy
·DIY Sonic Canon
·Hand Boiler Love Meter
·Shrink Wrap a Kid
·Singing Wine Glasses
·Soda Bottle Rocket
·Suction Cups, Table Lift
·Dry Ice Tank
·Magic Floating Ball
·Warm/Cold Front Tank
·Cloud in a Jar, Rain Simulation
·NOAA Weather Balloon Inflation
·Dueling Pendulums
·Flying Cups and Bernouli
·The Resonance Machine
·The Uncanny Gyroscope
·What is a Radiometer?

The Six Steps to an Effective Lesson

1. Anticipatory Set. Let your students know what is coming and why they should learn it.
2. Stated Objective. Clearly state the outcomes. Example: “Students will be able to correctly identify a vertebrate.”
3. Teach or Model. Show, explain, demonstrate, or teach, the information or skill.
4. Guided Practice. The student will, under supervision, repeat the demonstration or lesson.
5. Independent Practice. Without assistance the student can repeat the demonstration or lesson.
6. Closure. What did we learn? What are the implications? The student can summarize the lesson.

Science - A Way of Thinking

Dr. Sagan did so much for science education. Science is far more than a body of knowledge - It's a way of thinking critically. Get inspired to share the thrill of scientific questioning and investigation.